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Web Design

At Kdurdle Graphics we know the importance of building a strong web presence and maintaining strong functionality to truly engage your potential clients. We do in-depth research and development for all of our clients’ web design projects – whether it is a completely new website from scratch or a redesign of your existing website.  We bring together our graphic design expertise with our technical web design expertise to create well-crafted and completely custom web design concepts to best fit and represent your business or organization.

Our unique experience of building custom websites from the ground up using WordPress for content management gives us the ability to put our clients in the driver’s seat throughout the website process. With WordPress we can collaborate with our clients and allow our clients easily add their own content and updates once we have built the foundation of the website.


We can help you with :


1. Setting up hosting plan and new website addresses (www.yourcompany.com)

For brand new sites, we can assist you in setting up the host (where your website “lives” online), a new website address (www.yourcompany.com) and take care of moving your site from one host to another if your current host is causing issues for your website. With our experience, we provide you with the ease of setting up a new website at every stage of the process. We also recommend the integration of your website with WordPress for the best possible content management system to involve our clients in updates and content management of their websites.

2. Creating brand new websites or redesigning your existing websites.

We like to personally meet with each and everyone of our clients to allow them to be part of the web design process from the beginning. Whether is a new website or a redesign of your current website we ask our clients to help us complete a Web Design creative brief. Your creative brief will help us get to know you better by understanding the nature of your business and what you’re looking for, so we can start to design a website specifically for you. From here we also provide insight on what other information and provide you with a quotation on this project. We create a mock-up screenshot of what we envision for their new website design based on the information provided in the creative brief.

3. Development and On-going support

After a concept has been chosen, we further develop this concept into a fully functional website. If you have a new site, we aim to have it live as soon as we can after development stage and project scope is completed. If we are redesigning your website, we aim to relaunch it at a low traffic time such as late at night or on a Sunday. After the site has been launched, we provide on-going support and training to our clients, giving them the power to update and manage their content on their own if they desire. If you are too busy, we also provide monthly plans to provide updates and content management for your website. 

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