When I first started out as a designer, I applied for an internship at a local Web Design company. This was a long-standing, successful design firm that had been running for over a decade in my hometown. Nanaimo, BC. Long story short, I didn’t get the internship, but I did take away a very important lesson. And that lesson is the topic of this blog, working as a creative professional is feast or famine. Which essentially boils down to, you can do really good creatively, be overwhelmingly busy, roll in a nice paycheque and then have a long slump, where all that rolls into your office is a tumbleweed.

Looking back on it, I realize the “feast or famine” situation is fairly unique to the creative professional. Most people who hold corporate jobs, or work in the trades, retail or the hospitality industry do not experience this to the extent creative professionals do. So what do we to do remedy this? Or how do we eat when we are experiencing a slump in business or opportunities without selling ourselves out?

Unfortunately, most of us end up taking on jobs that sustain our bank accounts, but do not stimulate our minds. Doesn’t sound promising, does it? However, having experienced this a few times in my career so far, and my personal mantra to get through is three simple words: Never Give Up. If being a creative professional is truly what you want to do, do it. Take that job flipping fries or whatever it is and make the money to fund your dream. I used to think it would be a step back to do something like this, but I now view it more as doing anything it takes to make my dream come true. It takes time to establish yourself as a designer, there is a lot of competition (trust me). That doesn’t mean we should roll over and give up. Working at it a bit everyday can get you a lot farther than you’d think. Try it. Do one thing everyday towards your goal, or to better yourself at your craft. Before you know it, you work will better than ever, and gaining attention.

All the best to everyone this year to achieve their career goals, and get closer to their dreams!

Have something to add? Please comment below! Thanks for tuning in, back again soon…-Kat