crosswordThere are many outlets to communicate with potential clients, however some are perceived to be more effective than traditional modes of communications in the digital age. Email, text messaging and social media have made it extremely easy to contact potential clients, coworkers and friends, in seconds, at anytime, anywhere. In my experience in client relations, and with personal relationships, face-to-face encounters or at the very least phone conversations are still the best way to relay your message effectively.


Communicating and Client Relations

If you want to leave a lasting impression with a potential business client, meet them in person. Emails are great for follow up, but the first in person meeting is crucial. Once you have met them in person, you can allow your personality to shine. You can show them what is unique is about you and your business and what sets you apart from the competition.

A problem that is becoming more prevalent with digitally communicating (text messages, email, social media etc.)  is the tone, impression and theme of your message is not accurately conveyed (most of the time) through just plain text. Many misunderstandings in communicating with clients spring from  poorly written emails, and this tends to convey unprofessionalism. An email has no “voice of tone” so to speak. Meeting face to face is always the best practice because you have full control over tone of voice, body language and content of the message you are communicating to your audience. This gives you the best chance at having the other person, or people understand exactly what you are trying to communicate. (Not always true, some people hear what they want, or misconstrue your meaning no matter how clear you are).


Communicating in Personal Relationships

This can be just as important if not more important than the communicating with potential clients. Many relationships (friendships and otherwise) have suffered because of text message, email or social media post that was written in jest but taken the total opposite way. Take it from me this does happen, and takes a lot of explaining to get out of! If you have an issue you need to discuss, be noble, do the right thing, go see the person face-to-face or pick up the phone and call them up. Don’t fear the results, just know these are the most sincere ways to communicate with someone to accurately communicate your message.

Alright, that’s it for now. Hopefully this was helpful and I will be writing an entire post on Client relations in the near future. This was just a topic I’ve had recent experience with, and found simply talking to people face to face, and being honest is the best possible for resolving issues and promoting yourself as a professional.