About Kdurdle Graphics

Kdurdle Graphics is a locally owned and operated design firm focused on building relationships with clients, recognizing their business goals and increasing their reach through well-crafted, creatively designed, marketing materials in print and on the web. We take pride in providing our work to you on time and on budget while maintaining the highest quality.

With passion for both design and business we continue to build upon our business  focusing on quality products and services while creating a difference in the community with the people we work with. Whether it is a project for business, an organization or event, or a personal project, Kdurdle Graphics delivers specialized customer service combined with well-crafted advertising materials for the web and for printed promotional materials.

We provide:

  • Custom designed and quality produced printed marketing materials for businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals.
  • Quality signage and professional installation.
  • One-on-one marketing consulting.
  • Branding and identity packages for new and existing businesses.
  • Design services for non-profit and community organizations.
  • Services for individuals : wedding invitations, photo enlargements and restorations, resumes, and website blogs.
  • Custom web design services using WordPress for small to medium sized businesses and organizations.


What makes us unique?

Our work experience in a sign shops, in graphic design and  in web design gives us an unique combination of experience to be able to design anything for our clients to specifications for any printing application or web application (translation: We design something great for you, you decide how you want it to be displayed, we make it happen and it turns out fantastic without a hitch!)

We go out of our way to bring our best creative skills to each and every project and we love a challenge.

Our Story

Kdurdle Graphics was founded in 2012, by Katryna Jenniss, sole designer and business woman. The business name retains her maiden name Durdle in order to maintain continuity, identity and meaning. It was founded to fulfill a desire to combine passion for design with the passion to build a business that embraces social responsibility, environmental responsibility and is profitable, (better known as the triple bottom-line or the three P’s: people, planet, profit).

Katryna was born and raised in a small town on Vancouver Island. Katryna attended the Academy of Learning (online via www.sessions.edu)  to gain a certificate in Graphic and Web Design (Honors) in 2005. In 2009, ready for some adventure,  she moved to Terrace and started working in a locally owned and operated sign shop. After gaining 4 years experience working with the diverse cliental and honing design skills at the sign shop, she decided to take a chance and strike out on her own to start pursuing an independent freelancing business in design. The business is founded on her integrity and high standards for a polished end product.