Office Space

Whether you like your job or not, there always going to be things that bother you on a day-to-day basis. Here is my list of things (a few tech-related and just some stuff in general that will make your life a less painful at work).

    1. Dropbox

Ever had to take a project from your home computer to work or school? Or need to share a file amongst co-workers in the office? Like saving time and hassle at work? Meet Dropbox. It is the perfect way to share files throughout various devices and allows you to have “cloud” storage online so you can access it from anywhere. This is great for offices that run multiple computers where various people are working on the same files. As long as you have an internet connection, all files will be able to sync to each computer in the network. Click the link above to watch the fun video on Dropbox’s website for further info and the link to download it.

    1. CBC Radio One

Most workplaces allow the radio to be played during your shift, as long as the music or content is appropriate. Personally I find that the local radio stations are very repetitive and can get boring fast. My suggestion is to tune into CBC Radio One. I am not going to pretend it is always interesting and engaging, but about 75% of the time, it’s great. They have the comedy radio show “The Debaters” which is always good for a laugh in the afternoon when work is lagging on. Not only that, the content is unique to Canada, but also contains international stories and you can learn a lot. Give it a try! (Please note the link above is for CBC Radio One Prince George. You can change the city by clicking change radio station at the top of the player. Good for all across Canada).


    1. Mozilla Thunderbird – Email Software

Nothing has plagued me more than my email crashing at work. Most office based jobs these days rely heavily on email and most people use the standard Microsoft Outlook program to receive, send and store their emails. Being a Mac person myself, I have always disliked how difficult and problematic Outlook can be. I use Apple’s Mail program at home and have never had it crash. However at work, most of us aren’t lucky enough to work with Macintosh computers. (If you are, never take this for granted. Your employer clearly cares for you, and doesn’t want you to lose your mind using Windows.) Thunderbird Mail, produced by Mozilla, the same company that brought us the free internet browser Firefox, is a great alternative. I have never had it crash, and it allowed me to export all my contact from a crashed version of Outlook seamlessly. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


    1. YouSendIt File Sharing

YouSendIt is similar to Dropbox in its file sharing and syncing to device capabilities, but has another component to it if you work with clients you need to send large files to. I use YouSendIt when sending large design files to clients for printing or proofing purposes. It works by sending a confirmation email to your client and they can then access the your selected file by downloading from YouSendIt. It is completely secure and the client never actually gets access to your account. The nice thing about this also is you can have digital signature verification from the receiver and the link expires after a specific amount of time determined by the sender. You may sign up for free, or you can check out some there pay plans that allow you to send larger files and have more security options.


    1. Google Docs

Following the theme of documents being shared online, and multiple people being able to work on them, meet Google Docs. I researched Google Docs for use in an office setting and I am convinced it would be great for someone who had multiple employees working from home or working remotely that need to share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google has basically created there own version of Word, Excel and Powerpoint while adding the online collaboration component which is becoming more and more popular in workplaces today. Check it out,it could be the option you have been looking for.

Well there you have it. My top 5 things to make work life less painful. I was going to add coffee to the list, but we all know that goes without saying. Thanks for reading. Back with more next time. –Kat