Happy New Year Everyone! I am not one to be big on resolutions, but I am a firm believer in continuously bettering myself personally, and professionally.

Last year was a strong year for me personally, a lot of great things happened in my life and gave me much to look forward to this year. As for professionally, I laid out many big professional goals to get myself motivated and to better push my career as graphic designer, forward.

Resolutions to me, aren’t really realistic for most people. People have great dreams keeping them but somehow by the end of January these resolutions are broken and forgotten. To me making goals and motivating yourself by the results of these goals is a better approach. I am the kind of the person who cannot stand still and hates wasting time. Multi-tasking is huge for me. You would be surprised how much you can get done if you focus less on the process and more on getting started towards the results of the process. That being said one of my goals (not resolutions) is to keep more up to date on my website and to drum up some more hype for my website to get my name as graphic designer more well known.

January 1st, much like most mornings I woke up, made some coffee, and hit up my mac Mini to read some business articles. I stumbled upon this one article on via Linkedin from Mike Maddock, The Idea Monkey, who blogs for Forbes magazine. Ten Resolutions The Most Successful Business People Make and Then Keep. Worth a read whether you are in business or not. My favorite is #6.

Thanks for tuning in. More next time (very soon!)